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Mobile Banking

At The Nashua Bank division of Lake Sunapee Bank we offer the Advantage of saving time with our Mobile Banking application. Now you can bank safely and securely anywhere!

With our Mobile Banking, it’s almost like having a branch office in your pocket. Now you can check your account balances, review account history, pay bills, and transfer funds from one account to another. Everything you can do online you can do with our Mobile Banking application on your web-enabled mobile device.

Our Mobile Banking application is available for all web-enabled mobile devices. For more information call us at 800-281-5772, or sign up today through your online banking in your account management options menu.

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View our Mobile Banking User Guide for web-enabled devices to see how easy it is to use!

Don't have a SmartPhone? We also offer Text Mobile Banking, which gives you the ability to view account balances, transaction history, and receive alerts. View the User Guide for Text for more information.

New! Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit from The Nashua Bank is the convenient, safe and secure way to make check deposits remotely.

With Mobile Deposit* you can now deposit checks electronically with your iPhone or Android!  Using our free LSB & TNB Mobile Banking app, take photos of your check with your phone's camera. Enter the dollar amount of the check, choose your account, upload, and your deposit is complete.

  • It's fast and easy! In 5 easy steps you have saved yourself a trip to the Bank.
  • It's convenient! Save time by making deposits any time, day or night, into your checking, savings, or money market accounts.
  • It's safe and secure! We employ the same multi-factor authentication and data encryption that we use for Online and Mobile Banking, plus you get immediate confirmation that your images have successfully uploaded.
  • It's free!

Getting Started 

To begin using this service, you must be enrolled in both online banking and mobile banking to apply for mobile deposit. APPLY

When you have applied for and been approved to use this service, be sure you have downloaded the latest version of  the LSB & TNB mobile banking app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The mobile deposit option will then appear in the main navigation menu.

Now - access our Quick Start Guide to get going!

*Limits on Deposits

  • New Customers – Approved customers new to 6 months
    • Daily: $1,000  and up to 8 items
    • Monthly: $2,500 and up to 40 items
  • Existing Customers (Approved customers with established accounts 6+ months)
    • Daily: $2,500 and up to 8 Items
    • Monthly: $10,000 and up to 40 Items

Daily and monthly transaction limits apply per customer, not per account. If you have multiple accounts these daily and monthly limits will apply. Only one account holder per joint account can be enabled to make mobile deposits.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information.